And then I go over these and I use the shift/alt+keys to reorder the
ideas up and down and eventually I would like to do this:

* Some important topic
  - idea 1, some notes
  ** TODO idea 2, another note
  - idea 3, a third note

What is that? Is "** TODO idea 2, another note" a headline, in which
case it should be at column 0?

Yes sorry, bad indent.

Headlines are different from plain lists. You can use C-c * on second
item to turn it into a headline.

Yes, I know about that one - but I would prefer not having to change to
another set of keys :)

I can do shift arrow left/rigt/up/down for the list item *until* I hit the top heading.

You can also move to the beginning of line (C-a), kill word (M-d) and
insert the two stars. It is a longer but maybe more natural, since those
are standard text editing keys.

this is what I do know - just more tedious if shift + arrows could ask instead of blocking.

I know I can press a short cut to make it a top item, but why can't
I just use the normal standard tree editing keys ?

I'm not sure to understand what "standard tree editing keys" you're
talking about.

shift arrows up/down/left/righit.

AFAIU, you want to turn a structure (a list) into another one (a
headline). There's a command for that, but I don't consider the action
to be a standard editing one.

Yes, but it would be so convenient it would not just block edit and require
shifting to completely different keys IMO.

Is there a way to have org-mode ask what kind of thing it should do
when I move the lists "out-of-bounds" instead
of just error out on me ?

IMO, you may be mis-using the tool.

Might be - but seems it fits very naturally to be able to at least allow to move list items outside its parent.

Don't get me wrong - I like it defaults to stopping, but would prefer it would ask or let me do shift + left + left to override or something similar.


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