On Fri, 24 Feb 2017, Jay Iyer wrote:

Hi, evaluating a simple elisp code block in a subtree, called with C-c C-v
C-s or just C-c C-C, evaluates the entire Org buffer.  Is this expected

Not at all.

C-c C-v C-s on the headline evaluates just the subtree via the command org-babel-execute-subtree. (Org 9.0.5 and many prior versions.)

C-c C-c on the headline prompts for tags. In a src block, it evaluates the code.

Of course, if you wrote a Babel block that executes other Babel blocks, all bets are off.

How can I force the eval on the visible portion (with narrowing) of the
tree only?

Narrow, Then

        M-x org-babel-execute-buffer RET



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