> Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> writes:

   > I don't really understand what "*****" or "blackbox" is.

This was a dummy entry. In org mode *this* is exported to latex as 
\textbf{this} and in html to a construct which leads to bold face.

So I hoped there would be an equivalent which would produces a cell
which is filled with black color.

   > However, if you can find the cells in question automatically, you could
   > use something like an export filter.

   > Either add appropriate code to get "blackbox" as an export snippet before
   > parsing (maybe an appropriate <span>.</span> or symbol), see
   > org-export-before-parsing-hook, or manipulate the HTML itself, see
   > org-export-filter-table-functions.

I try to look that up, thanks


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