Searching for timestamps is not the issue, it is finding the right time
stamp associated with a headline.  For example, suppose in the meeting
notes I use time stamps to note past or future events, then a headline
could have many time stamps, and only one is related to the date of the
meeting.   Also, if you have logging on, when you mark the
meeting done, it will insert an inactive timestamp of when you closed it.

What I want to search for is a headline with a meeting tag, and a
timestamp on a particular day (even better if a range is possible since
I have conferences that are spread over a week for example). I might use
this, for example, at the end of the year to find all the scientific
conferences I had attended to put in an annual report, or all the
committee meetings, etc.

I guess the canonical place is probably the deadline, since after that
time the meeting should be "done". Then I can generate an agenda with a
query like this for meetings in the last two months:


Since I had to search for how to do this (probably again ;), here is a
PSA on where to find how to do these searches:

Charles C. Berry writes:

> On Fri, 24 Feb 2017, John Kitchin wrote:
>> Suppose I use a heading to store notes on a meeting.
>> Is there a canonical location to put a date so I could search for them
>> later?
>> It seems like the date is not a deadline, or scheduled timestamp.  I
>> could see putting the date in the headline, but then I do not see an
>> obvious way to search for meetings that occurred in a time range.
>> Putting the date in the body is another location, but then I do not know
>> how it might be searched again.
>> Another option is a property, which might be searchable at least with a
>> function.
>> What do you do along these lines?
>> Here is a simple example of a headline I might have, and later I might
>> want a report of all meetings in the month of February.
>> * Group meeting <2017-02-24 Fri> :meeting:
> That is a timestamp, albeit one with `:hour-start nil :minute-start nil'.
> Isn't this good enough to search with?
> #+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
>    (org-element-map
>        (org-element-parse-buffer) 'timestamp
>      (lambda(x)
>        (let
>         ((beg (org-element-property :begin x))
>          (month (org-element-property :month-start x))
>          (year (org-element-property :year-start x)))
>       (format "Year %s Month %s Where %s" year month beg))))
> | Year 2017 Month 2 Where 18 |
> HTH,
> Chuck

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