when I publish a project to PDF org-mode does not include the images in
the exported PDF (i.e. LaTeX doesn't find them), when I start the
publishing process from a buffer which is /not/ in the directory to be

E.e. when I have the org files in ~/Documents/mpipdocs/linux and
publish to the same directory, but I'm in a buffer ~/.emacs, the images
show not up in the PDF export and in the *Messages* I get messages "PDF
file exported with errors" or so.

However, when I'm visiting, e.g. ~/Documents/mpipdocs/linux/index.org
and start the publishing process, everything goes Ok.

This is probably caused by commit
120f8c09f460c55131eb8d99685732ee88f538ae (and at least one follow-up
commit after the 9.0.1 release (with 9.0.1 publishing doesn't work at
all -- at least when the visited buffer directory isn't the publishing
directory, perhaps 2e35a59763efc5324874ec1a894691fe2123495c ?).

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks and best regards

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