Jonas Bernoulli <jonasbernou...@gmail.com> writes:

> I've run into these two feature inconsistencies:
> - The command ~org-protocol-create-for-org~ does ~(require 'org-publish)~,
> but that should now be ~ox-publish~.

Fixed. Thank you.
> - The command ~org-capture-import-remember-templates~ does ~(require
> 'org-remember)~, which makes sense because its purpose is to convert from
> the ~org-remember~ format into the ~org-capture-templates~ format. However
> ~org-remember~ has been removed, so this won't work.

I don't think this is an issue. This function only makes sense if user
has an old `org-remember' library lying around. Otherwise, it raises an
error. This is the actual behaviour.

The other option is to remove the function altogether.



Nicolas Goaziou

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