Fernando Varesi <fvar...@gmail.com> writes:

> I'm trying to create a clocktable with the following header:
> #+BEGIN: clocktable :scope file-with-archives :tstart "2017-05-17 14:00" 
> :tend "<now>" :link t :fileskip0 t :properties ("TODO")
> This should display every item with the TODO label (which was removed from 
> headline in a recent release). However, the column is empty.
> Doing some debugging I found out that org-clock-get-table-data does return 
> the required properties. However, the default formatter 
> (org-clocktable-write-default) fails to display it.
> I think the problem is in line 2596:
>         ;; Get the list of node entries and iterate over it
>         (when (> maxlevel 0)
>           (pcase-dolist (`(,level ,headline ,ts ,time . ,props) entries)
> Removing the . solves the issue, but I'm not sure what's the purpose
> of it. Any clues on the best way to fix this?

This fix was already done in development branch. Since this is
a frequent request these day, I cherry-picked it onto maint branch.


Nicolas Goaziou

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