Michaël Cadilhac <mich...@cadilhac.name> writes:

> Thanks for your expertise Adam.  

Glad I could help, but I think you did the sleuthing here.  ;)

> It seems indeed that org-agenda-capture (or equivalently, setting
> org-capture-use-agenda-date) affects the default date at all stages,
> i.e., for %u and for the default value of %^t.  This is done through
> setting org-overriding-default-time.  I don't think there's any reason
> to change this behavior, but it may be worth adding that info in
> org-capture-template's docstring.  At the moment, it only says "time
> stamp".

If you could send a TINYCHANGE patch to the docstring, I'm sure Nicolas
would be grateful!  :)

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