Jay Kamat <jaygka...@gmail.com> writes:

> I discovered a bug in the ox-md exporter and have created a patch to fix it:
> Previously, this image link:
> [[https://git-scm.com/images/l...@2x.png]]
> would export to:
> ![img](//git-scm.com/images/l...@2x.png)
> which is an invalid markdown image, and won't display properly in
> browsers and other places.
> A workaround (which I have been using extremely heavily), is:
> [[file:https://git-scm.com/images/l...@2x.png]]
> which exports to
> ![img](https://git-scm.com/images/l...@2x.png)
> Which is the proper (unbroken) image link.
> I have attached a patch which fixes the first example, so it exports
> the same link as the workaround (and is no longer broken).

Thank you for the report and the patch. I have committed a slightly
different change. Does it solve your issue?

> My papers are currently being processed, but I thought I would post
> this patch early to get feedback, since ideally I would like this bug
> to be fixed as soon as possible :). Hopefully they'll be done before
> the review is completed.

Great! Let me know when the process is done.


Nicolas Goaziou

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