Raymond Zeitler <zei...@yahoo.com> writes:

Hi Ray,

> A final update... it works. Of course you knew that, but I was
> convinced otherwise.

Glad you got it working.  :)
> One Internet search result for "Emacs No Match" linked to a subtopic
> of Completion in the Emacs manual. So I read more about Completion and
> found that pressing "?" displays a list of all possible choices.
> So I pressed "?" after C-c C-w and saw
> Tasks
> Tasks (HR.org)
> One quick forehead slap later, I entered Tasks ( TAB. I got the
> desired completion of Tasks (HR.org), pressed RET, and viola! It
> worked.
> So this was classic error 18 because I was expecting to refile to
> ~/HR.org Tasks -- file name then heading.

This is why I recommended Helm.  It's just so much easier, because you
get a big window with all the potential completions listed, and then it
narrows down the list as you type.  You can type any part of any word
anywhere in any item, and it will narrow down to that item.  The default
Emacs completion is like stumbling around in the dark, by comparison.
Ivy is another good completion package, but it doesn't do nearly as much
(which some people prefer).

Anyway, if you install Helm, just run helm-mode, and then try
org-refile.  I think you'll like it.

> Is the heading (file name) completion syntax explained anywhere in the
> documentation? If so, I missed it big time. LOL

Check out the variable org-refile-use-outline-path.  It's nil by
default, but by setting it to 'file, it puts the filename first.

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