>>>>> "Josh" == Josh Moller-Mara <j...@cns.nyu.edu> writes:

Josh> From what I can tell, doing something like (org-toggle-tag
Josh> "sometag" 'off) produces these double colons. It seems to have to
Josh> do with the way that org-split-string no longer returns nil, but
Josh> returns ("").

I'm also seeing this problem and I have org-todo-state-tags-triggers

A git bisect points the finger at this commit, which also agrees your
observations about org-split-string.

commit f776e65373fa135fffb51e201698823fbfb3865b (refs/bisect/bad)
Author: Nicolas Goaziou <m...@nicolasgoaziou.fr>
Date:   Thu Jul 27 13:39:52 2017 +0200

    Move `org-split-string' to "org-macs.el"

    * lisp/org.el (org-split-string): Move the function...
    * lisp/org-macs.el (org-split-string): ... here.  Also clarify
      docstring with regards to `split-string'.


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