Adam Porter <> writes:

> Kyle Meyer <> writes:


>> Since you're changing the default value, shouldn't you add appropriate
>> values for the :version and :package-version keywords?
> Thanks, I didn't know about these.  I set :package-version to 9.1, since
> that should be the next Org release, I guess.

Yep, master-only changes are using 9.1 for :package-version

    $ git log -u -G":package-version" maint..master

> I set :version to 26.3 since I guess that will be the next Emacs
> release, although I don't know if it will include Org 9.1.  Let me
> know if these need to be changed.

As you can see in the diffs above, master-only changes are using 26.1
for :version.  Assuming Org 9.0.* ships with Emacs 26.1, these will be
wrong, but they can be updated all together once 26.2 is released.

>> It'd be good to mention this change in ORG-NEWS as well.
> I should have thought of that.  Done.

Thanks.  Did you forget to attach the patch?

> I don't know if this still technically qualifies as a tinychange.  I've
> sent the email to request the CA form just in case.

I don't know either.  How about I apply your *.el changes, and we can
update ORG-NEWS once your assignment comes through?


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