I noticed this last week, but I'm on vacation. I'm compiling and running Org and Emacs from source, and have been keeping up to date, but the problem's been there for a while. For Org, I'm on the master branch, not tables, and running "make update" to update.

In the example below, the <40> and <10> widths are not respected. If you hit C-c C-C on the STARTUP line, first one things goes wrong and then another, and you can toggle back and forth.


# ----------

#+TITLE: Table column problem
#+STARTUP: align

| Forty                                    | Ten                      |
| <40>                                     | <10>                     |
| This cell has more than forty characters in it, but it won't align | Under.   
| This cell has under forty characters.    | More than ten over here. |

# ----------

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