While there are some minor issues with org-plus-contrib, I find them to
be minor and mostly due to limitations in package.el (for example,
dependency on org results in both org-plus-contrib and org packages
being installed). In fact, I find org-plus-contrib easier to manage than
just the straight org package as I experience fewer issues arising from
conflicts with the old 'bundled' version of org in emacs and the package
version. However, I also use use-package and I don't know to what extent
that impacts my load problems.

I do remember running into a frustrating limitation with org-taskjuggler
when I was using it a couple of years ago - cannot remember the specific
issue now, but do remember I would have to edit the exported taskjuggler
file after every export to adjust some parameters (it might have been
related to default project period, not sure).


Adam Porter writes:

> Nicolas Goaziou <m...@nicolasgoaziou.fr> writes:
>>> At least until the underlying problem with org-plus-contrib is
>>> resolved.
>> What exactly is the underlying problem?
> FWIW I have been using org-plus-contrib for a while now, and I haven't
> had any problems with my customizations.

Tim Cross

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