Hi Jarmo,

Thanks for your report.

Jarmo Hurri <jarmo.hu...@iki.fi> writes:

> I get an error (pdflatex hangs up) when trying to Beamer export the
> following simple Org file (key command C-c C-e l O).
> # -----------------------------------------------------------------
> #+STARTUP: beamer
> * This is a simple test
>   - let us see what happens
> # -----------------------------------------------------------------
> I have traced the issue to the extra comma in the following line in the
> exported TeX file:
> \begin{frame}[,label={sec:org03f80c8}]{This is a simple test}
> If you remove the extra comma, then the file compiles just fine.

This is caused by this commit, which changes how org-split-string works.


Before (org-split-string "" ",") would return ‘nil’.  Now it returns "".

Depending on whether the new behavior is desired or not, the fix should
either be in ‘org-split-string’ or in ‘org-beamer--format-frame’.  I’ll
wait for Nicolas’ verdict.

For now, if necessary, you can hot-patch the function in ox-beamer.el to
something like,

    (options (cl-remove-if-not 'org-string-nw-p (append ...)))


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