Hi Nicolas,

On 10 Aug 2017, at 3:16, Nicolas Goaziou wrote:

-            (lambda () '(22353 6425 905205 644000))))
+            (lambda ()
+              (apply #'encode-time
+                     (org-parse-time-string "2016-06-03 Fri 01:43")))))

Shouldn't this be

  (org-parse-time-string "..." nil t)

to force UTC?

I don't believe so.

org-deadline-close-p interprets its timestamp-string argument as being in the local time zone (i.e., the call to encode-time that results from calling org-deadline-close-p always has a nil zone argument). Since we are using "2016-06-03 Fri 01:43" as the ersatz current time to check if deadlines are close, then "2016-06-03 Fri 01:43" should be in the local time zone as well.

As I would expect, forcing UTC here makes the test fail on my machine.



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