Colin Baxter <m43...@yandex.com> writes:

> Dear Josh,
>>>>>> "Josh" == Josh Moller-Mara <j...@cns.nyu.edu> writes:
>     Josh> Hello,
>     Josh> I'm starting to encounter a strange, silent problem when
>     Josh> switching the state of a task with multiple tags. With the
>     Josh> following minimal example:
>     Josh> #+STARTUP: logdone #+STARTUP: logdrawer
>     Josh> * TODO Hello :hi:there: SCHEDULED: <2017-08-11 Fri .+1d>
>     Josh> Switching The "hello" task from "TODO" to "DONE" should keep
>     Josh> the task as "TODO", but schedule it in the future. Instead,
>     Josh> the file ends up looking like:
>     Josh> #STARTUP: logdone :hi:there:
>     Josh> #+STARTUP: logdrawer * DONE Hello :hi:there:
>     Josh>   CLOSED: [2017-08-11 Fri 14:57] SCHEDULED: <2017-08-12 Sat
>     Josh> .+1d>
>     Josh> Where the task is marked as "DONE", and weirdly tags are added
>     Josh> in some of the startup config at the beginning of the file.
> This may be related somehow to the problem mentioned in the thread
> "Change in appearance of org-todo-keywords". It's good to have your
> minimal example.

I still cannot reproduce it.

Does the very recent 10b1cfb0317274a91500562a2872f2626160f079 fix this?


Nicolas Goaziou

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