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> Hi,
> I've just learned about =org-babel-expand-src-block= (from [1]) which seems 
> like an improvement over =org-edit-special=, because variables are expanded.
> But I notice two issues with it, and I'm wondering if these are intentional 
> or bugs, or if there are work-arounds.
> First, the buffer is read-only

It is a feature. It doesn't correspond to the contents of the block. It
is used to check what is really evaluated.

> (which someone else claims is a bug [2]),

IIUC, the bug is about

    "However if the block contains a noweb reference then the code is
    not expanded when sent to the shell and causes syntax error"

and not about the read-onlyness of the buffer.

FWIW, I cannot reproduce the bug above.

> and second, if I make changes and then exit the expanded block
> (via C-') without saving, the changes are lost. If I enter
> =org-edit-special= and exit w/o saving, the changes are propagated
> back to the buffer.

I don't understand. "C-c '" is `org-edit-special'. "C-'" is

If you use "C-c '", make changes to the remote editing buffer and exit
with "C-c '", changes are propagated to the source buffer. Remote
editing is just a convenient way to edit another part of the same


Nicolas Goaziou

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