Dear org-moders,

Until a recent update (or an unintended change in my configuration), I
was able to clock in a task (org-clock-in) *without* org mode trying to
find open clocks.  I cannot figure out what changed, but now
org-clock-in opens all my agenda buffers searching for open clocks, which is 
not very convenient as I have dozens of agenda files.
What would be the best way to a) restrict the search of open clocks to
the current buffer, or b) turn off the search of open clocks?

Many thanks


Julian Mariano Burgos, PhD
Hafrannsóknastofnun, rannsókna- og ráðgjafarstofnun hafs og vatna/
Marine and Freshwater Research Institute
Botnsjávarsviðs / Demersal Division
Skúlagata 4, 121 Reykjavík, Iceland
Sími/Telephone : +354-5752037
Bréfsími/Telefax:  +354-5752001

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