"Yury G. Kudryashov" <ur...@urkud.name> writes:

> I propose the following feature:
> 1. When the temporary buffer is created,
>    - the whole session (or all the code with that will go to one file
>      when tangling) is written to the buffer;
>    - all the code except for the current block is marked as read-only.
> 2. When writing the temporary buffer back to the main file, drop the
>      read-only regions.

This is an interesting idea. However that could slow down src block
editing so it would need to be explicitly required by the user (e.g.,
with an optional argument).

Also, it should be necessary to mark somehow the read-only parts or it
could be confusing. Maybe with some glyph in the margin.

> Unfortunately, I'm new to (e)lisp, so I'm not sure whether I'll manage
> to implement these features myself.

You can only know if you try. You will find help on this mailing list
whenever you hit a road block.


Nicolas Goaziou

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