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> Hi.
> Hello. 
>  I’m trying to clean it up by using orgmode macros.  However, it seems like 
> these are not replaced when inside code blocks. 
> Do you have a minimal example of what you'd like to "macrofy" in the verilog 
> code blocks?

Pretty simple text substitution.  Something like this:

    #+MACRO: SEC_HDR1 // ---------------------------
    #+MACRO: SEC_HDR2 // 

    #+MACRO: SEC_TITLE This section declares local types and constants

    * File 1
    ** Section 1: {{{SEC_TITLE}}}
        #+BEGIN_SRC verilog
            {{{SEC_HDR2}}} {{{SEC_TITLE}}}
            parameter A = 1;

So SEC_TITLE expands in the headline and also as a comment in the tangled 
verilog code.
It would be really great to be able to embed newlines in the macro to it could 
be one line / macro in the src block.

> Probably the solution is to use noweb references with arguments? See the Org 
> manual. 

Thanks - I’ll have to look into noweb.  I’m not familiar with it.


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