Hi there,

Is there a way to export some tags with all its sub tags?

I have this tree of tags as explained here :
loaded at startup. E.g.:
#+TAGS: [ @errands : bank groceries ]

Filtering the @errands tag in the agenda todo view does lists all of
@errands sub tags as expected (i.e.: bank and groceries). Why then doesn't
SELECT_TAGS do the same on exporting? I did search and try other options to
no avail.

In the minimal working example bellow, only the content explicitly tagged
@errands is exported (to LaTeX might that be relevant). I would expect all
the sub-tags to be exported also. In this example, the content tagged
:bank: does not get exported as expected.

'Any hints on how to achieve hierarchal exporting of tags?

Thanks for any pointers.
Pierre-Luc Gauthier

#+OPTIONS: toc:nil
#+TAGS: [ @errands : bank groceries ]
#+SELECT_TAGS: @errands

* General errands                              :@errands:
** TODO Buy matches

* Bank stuff                                       :bank:
** TODO Do pay stuff

* TODO Some other task                         :OtherTag:

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