A user needs to support having gopher links in Org document:

 [[gopher://some.gopher.site][Dummy gopher link]]

But the export fails saying that it's unable to resolve the link.

The behavior can be easily recreated by exporting a document containing
that dummy link using C-c C-e h H.

I added "gopher" to the org-html-link function, but that obviously didn't

I traced the error to org-export-data in ox.el, but I cannot edebug that
function; I get:

    edebug-syntax-error: Invalid read syntax: "Failed matching", (&rest
(&define name (&rest arg) cl-declarations-or-string def-body))

(I'll open an emacs bug for that.)

So what needs to be fixed in ox.el (or elsewhere?) so that gopher: protocol
links are allowed?


Kaushal Modi

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