Kaushal Modi <kaushal.m...@gmail.com> writes:

> Of course. But "the right thing" would be to prevent call to auto filling
> within `org-return` (somehow? I haven't yet dug deeper into that) if point
> is in a property drawer.

`org-return' doesn't call any auto fill function.

> If you want to add a new property, use C-c C-x p, or, if you insist on
>> typing it manually, use C-q <RET> instead.
> C-c C-x p is a bit unnatural and also longer to type than RET,

Yet, it doesn't break properties drawers.

> especially
> if the point is already inside the property drawer. Yes, if my point is
> inside the subtree, and I think of adding a property, C-c C-x p is great!
> C-q  RET is a good tip, but again, RET would be better.

Actually, that would be C-q C-j, not C-q <RET>

> I'll try hacking something around this, tweaking org-return should work
> using a simple advice. Would a patch be welcome for this?

I don't think tweaking `org-return' is a good solution. This is not the
only way to break a line (e.g. "C-q C-j", or "C-M-o"), so it would not
be a panacea.

You may want to use fill-nobreak-predicate variable instead, e.g. with

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