Dnia 09.02.2018 Michael Welle <mwe012...@gmx.net> napisaƂ/a:
> Hello,
> Piotr Isajew <p...@ex.com.pl> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I wonder if it's possible to have something like a clocktable, but
>> based on effort, not the clocked time. My use case is that at the
>> beginning of the project, when the effort for each of tasks is
>> estimated, but none has been worked on yet, I need to generate
>> some reports (preferably with tag filters) to show the aggregated
>> effort for parts of the project.
> does this stripped-down example help?
> * Effort
> #+BEGIN: columnview :hlines 2 :id "756fcb74-2e46-4757-82b8-461ed30a5f11"

Yes, it does. I still have to solve the issue of setting tag
filters, but you helped a lot. Thank you :)

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