Hi all,
is there any way to prevent org from converting table elements to a string
when used as a variable in an octave source block?

Example: I have

#+name: P_C
| 2/3 | 1/3 |
| 1/4 | 3/4 |

and I want to use that values inside an octave script, say

#+BEGIN_SRC octave :exports both :results output :var PC = P_C
     P_C = PC;

PC is a matrix of strings, namely
PC=[['2/3','1/3']; ['1/4','3/4']];

evaluating PC inside octave does not help since the column field
information is lost 2/3 and 1/3 are concatenated.

so I want 2/3 and so on literally imported to PC (without quotes).
Otherwise there might be a clever way to evaluate the expressions before
importing them using elisp?

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