Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Hello,
> Rainer Thiel <> writes:
>> I am getting the error message «Wrong type argument: listp, #("This is
>> the Title" 0 17 (:parent (#0)))» (or similar) whenever I try to export
>> a file with header options to any format (html, txt, pdf via LaTeX,
>> ...), if the file has a header.  Minimal example:
>> -->
>> #+TITLE: This is the Title
>> org-mode 9.1.6 does not seem to handle the headers properly.  When there
>> is a header, exporting fails with the message:  «Wrong type argument:
>> listp, #("This is the Title" 0 17 (:parent (#0)))».  There was no such
>> problem with previous recent org-mode versions.
>> <--
> This is a common issue, though I'm not sure about where it comes from.
> In any case, you should check your configuration: it could be a mixed
> installation or a hiccup from some extraneous package.

This problem seems to occur whenever org is installed in two versions.
For me this is the version built into Emacs, and org-plus-contrib from  This also causes a problem when starting without an
elpa directory in ~/.emacs.d/ about org-define-error (I may be wrong,
this is from memory).

My current workaround is to remove all compiled elisp files from the org
mode installation, for instance with the following command:

rm -f ~/.emacs.d/elpa/org-plus-contrib-20180205/*.elc

Is there a better way?  Its been this way for me for some time now and
it really is annoying.


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