I have set org-clock-clocktable-default-properties to:

    (:scope agenda :stepskip0 t :fileskip0 t :compact t :block today)

However, if I'm in a subtree and I try to insert a new clock table via ~C-c C-x 
C-r~ / ~org-clock-report~, org sets the options to ~:scope subtree~, ignoring 
my customiztion.  

This appears to be by design. However, it's unexpected, as there's nothing in 
the org manual to indicate that the ~:scope~ option is treated differently than 
the others with respect to customization. It might be nicer to users to give 
their preferred options a higher priority than the automatically generated 
ones, i.e., change

           (org-combine-plists org-clock-clocktable-default-properties props))


           (org-combine-plists props org-clock-clocktable-default-properties))

In the body of ~org-clock-report~. Alternatively, perhaps the org-info manual 
and/or the documentation for ~org-clock-clocktable-default-properties~ could be 
updated to indicate that a custom ~:scope~ setting will be ignored when invoked 
from a subtree?



Org mode version 9.1.6 (9.1.6-44-ge6f891-elpaplus
GNU Emacs 26.0.90 (build 1, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.22.24) of 


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