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> Hello,
> Marcin Borkowski <mb...@mbork.pl> writes:
>> Is it possible to get the text of the Org heading, but without the [n/m]
>> cookie (or its percentage equivalent)?  
>   (org-last (org-get-outline-path))
>> Or should I just massage the result of org-get-heading myself?
> This would be simpler than the solution above.

I think I disagree;-).

>> If the latter, isn't it a bug? 
> No it isn't. Statistics cookies are but an object, like, e.g. inline
> source code. `org-get-heading' is not supposed to remove any kind of
> object from the title.
> It would be different if statistics cookies were specific to headlines,
> which is not the case actually.

I see.  (I didn't know I can have stat cookies in e.g. plain list


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