I am running emacs-mac-app (v. 25.3.1) installed from Mac Ports, with
org-mode version 9.1.6, on Mac OS 10.13.3.

I have set up org-protocol.  If I open a terminal emulator window and enter
this command

emacsclient -n

org-protocol works.  I can select the template I want, and an entry gets
added to my .org file.

However, if I add in a template specification

emacsclient -n

I get this error:

*ERROR*: No capture template referred to by "t?url" keys

It seems the list isn't getting split at the '?' after 'template=t'.  I
haven't been able to find anything on this and appear to be doing what
org-protocol.el says I should.

Any help would be appreciated.


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