Hi Nicolas,

Christian Moe <m...@christianmoe.com> writes:

>>> Me too, for the same argument.  But this points to a strong limitation
>>> to `org-adapt-indentation' for which I'd like to propose this change.
>>>        (setq org-adapt-indentation t) => current behavior
>>>      (setq org-adapt-indentation nil) => current behavior
>>> (setq org-adapt-indentation 'content) => only adapt content's
>>>      indentation, not that of the property drawer.
>> I proposed this very change some years ago, but it didn't get much
>> traction and wasn't implemented in the end.
> FWIW, I'd like this.

Just to make sure we don't lose this idea: do you have code for this?

If not, I'll put a stab at it, I think it would be nice.



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