Eric S Fraga writes:

> On Tuesday,  6 Mar 2018 at 11:23, Robert Horn wrote:
>> I discovered that the lines ( the body of a headline):
>> *** real headline
>>        * example
>>        :SCHEDULED: <times>
>> cause agenda processing to fail.  It tries to parse <times> as a
>> timestamp.  The parser used by agenda appears not to enforce the
>> requirement that headlines begin with asterisks on the left margin.
> I think the issue is that SCHEDULED and DEADLINE entries must appear
> immediately after the headline.  You have a line (* example) in between
> the SCHEDULED line and the headline.

You have characterized the bug.  That ":SCHEDULED:" should not have been
considered a SCHEDULED entry.  It should have been ignored, based on the
description for org format in the manual.  

I was putting together an example for someone and was composing a full
example of an org file.  I just stumbled across this when trying various
forms of verbatim, code, and other blocks.  I was not expecting the
agenda display and processing to completely fail.

I created my example by eliminating one of the colons and explaining
that in a real org file you would need the colon.  But that
leaves the bug that this particular error causes agenda creation to
fail.  I was expecting the parser to treat the SCHEDULED line as just
more body text, and ignore it.

Robert Horn

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