John Kitchin <jkitc...@andrew.cmu.edu> writes:

> I am pretty sure this isn't possible. The headers get overridden by the
> most local settings. There isn't a way to concatenate them. In some cases
> there isn't a way to figure out what you want, e.g. if a heading property
> said ":tangle no" and your header said ":tangle yes" it would not make
> sense to concatenate these to ":tangle no yes".
hm, I could think of a special syntax, like :tangle results in the
current behaviour and :+table concats values. That way it's up to the
user to express what she wants.

> I think you have to add -Wall to the src header.
Hm, the property values can be functions that get evaluated to get the
actual property values, can't it? I'm not sure though if something like
:flags (get-em "flags" '("-more" "-values")) is so much nicer to write.
Maybe it is, esp. if you want to change the base flags for a ton of
items. Today is teaching tuesday (even if it's wednesday ;)), so I'm a
bit short on time. But I will try that approach later this week and see
where that leads to.


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