>> It is easy to export it verbatim as follows:
>>   #+name: fragment
>>   #+BEGIN_SRC latex
>>     Here is an interesting (and true) equation: 
>>     \begin{equation} 
>>     \int uv' = uv - \int u'v \label{int}. 
>>     \end{equation}
>>     And that happens to be equation \eqref{int} on page \pageref{int}.
>>   #+END_SRC
>> But what is the correct combination of environments (src, export) and
> Use this src block but add ":exports both" to the begin_src line.

Tried this before: for some weird (?) reason I am getting the verbatim
output only. And ":exports results" produces blank.

This is a beamer export with org version 9.1.6.



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