Hi all,

TL;DR: why does org-src-mode-configure-edit-buffer set buffer-file-name to a 
non-nil value?  

Background information: I'm reviewing a patch 
(https://github.com/flycheck/flycheck/pull/1426) to enable Flycheck in 
temporary buffers created by org-mode while editing a code snippet with 
org-edit-src-code (among others).  The patch teaches Flycheck to append an 
checker-appropriate extension to the temporary files that it creates: for 
example, when editing a Python snippet from an Org file, Flycheck would now 
create a file named /tmp/<random string>.py instead of /tmp/<random string> 
(which would make Python happy).

We're thinking of enabling this automatic suffix addition behavior only for 
buffers that do not have a buffer-file-name currently set (in the ones that do, 
Flycheck already derives file names for its temporary files from the buffer's  
file name), but we were surprised to find that [* Org src *] actually have a 

Why is that?



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