"Hoffmann, Jobst" <j.hoffm...@fh-aachen.de> writes:

> The org-mode manual version Release 9.1.6 (release 9.1.6-567-gbb5e79)
> says on page 159, that export of an org file to a LaTeX buffer is doneby C-c 
> C-e l L. 
> This ends in a message
> "Autoloading failed to define function turn-on-orgstruct"
> A little bit of googling tells me, that "[O] [ANN] OrgStruct is dead.
> Long live Orgalist."
> So I can't go on with my usual work flow, but what should I do instead?
> Do I have to write an elisp function, which opens the file generated by
> C-c C-e l l and deletes all the document stuff surrounding the contents?
> I'm interested only in the bare (LaTeX-prepared) content, because I
> continue processing the the contents in my own environment.

This looks like a mixed installation. "turn-on-orgstruct" does not exist
in master branch, which you seem to be using.

I suggest making sure you properly load Org from the git repository
instead of some other location.


Nicolas Goaziou

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