Dear all,

I have upgraded after some time org-plus-contrib through elpa to version 
20180312, and quite some things stopped working. Most of them I have found, and 
have been related to usage of sexp in capture template, but there's one I'm 
struggling to find.

My org-agenda now displays incorrectly the timestamps, which have only one 
bound. So if I make timestamp like:

Entered on <2018-03-12 Mon 23:21-23:59>

that timestamp is correctly displayed in the agenda, however when I make only 
this one:

Entered on <2018-03-12 Mon 23:21>

this one displays the starting time, followed by combination of useless 
letters, partly arabic, japanese and completely breaks the appearance of the 

What did I forget to migrate when upgrading org-mode? I don't find anything 
related to such behaviour in the changelog.

many thanks


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