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>> > after reading "4.6 Link abbreviations" of the manual I have two
>> > questions:
>> >
>> > 1. is it possible to define linkwords with spaces, like this: [[Harry
>> > Potter:Chapter1]], it looks much more nice than
>> > [[Harry_Potter:Chapter1]]?
>> I think so.
> If yes, then it's really worth mentioning this fact in the manual (4.6
> Link abbreviations) because ones get the impression that only - and _
> are allowed. One of the most strong sides of org is its readability as
> raw text and in this case space makes link more readable.

My bad. Spaces are not allowed, because

  #+LINK: linkword URL

would not be parse-able. The manual states

    The linkword must be a word, starting with a letter, followed by
    letters, numbers, ‘-’, and ‘_’.

but it seems implementation only disallows spaces (for LINK keyword) and
colons (for links).


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