Brent Goodrick <bgo...@gmail.com> writes:

> First, it may be a separate "bug" that org-return cannot recognize the
> multi-line Org link.

Fixed. Thank you.

> I don't know one way or the other for that, but instead I am arguing
> that org mode's fill paragraph function should never break the line
> right in the middle of the link.

I disagree. Link descriptions can be arbitrarily long and Org should be
able to fill them. We could improve the fontification, however (e.g.,
not using link face on blanks at the beginning of a line).

> Instead the whole link should be treated as a word. To illustrate the
> fix, I have appended my own function to `fill-nobreak-predicate' to
> prevent the breakages

I think this is the way to go: prevent filling in your own config.


Nicolas Goaziou

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