On Sunday,  8 Apr 2018 at 13:57, Samuel Wales wrote:
> On 4/8/18, Diego Zamboni <di...@zzamboni.org> wrote:
>>> off topic here, but the problem with visual-line-mode for me is that
>>> at least in 24.4 it does not respect fill column.  this is a
>>> dealbreaker.  i stick with m-q.
>> It still doesn’t (I’m using 25.3.2), but I have become used to adjusting the
>> width of my Emacs window to match what I want to do - make it full-width for
>> coding, and half- or two-thirds for prose. The lines then adjust to the
>> width of the window automatically.
> not possible for me for accessibility reasons.  emacs does understand
> pixels, so it should be possible.

What I do, when I want distraction free writing, is expand the fringes
to take up whatever amount of screen space I wish.  cf set-fringe-mode

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