Vikas Rawal <> writes:

> Fellow orgers,
> The following two pages on worg both recommend using "git clone
>” to clone the org repo.
> <>
> <>
> When I tried this today, it asked me for a password. I was puzzled. I
> then created an account on
> <>, added my ssh public key in the settings,
> and was able to clone the repo without being bothered with the
> password.
> If this is the expected method, may be the above two pages should mention 
> this.

I guess you are right.  The page should probably be a bit more detailed.

You need the gig@ if you want to push.  In that respect, gogs works more
or less like popular site like GitLab or Github, I believe.

An additional step to be able to push is to have your account "approved"
for pushing to the centralized repo.


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