> On Apr 10, 2018, at 5:42 AM, Sharon Kimble <boudic...@skimble.plus.com> wrote:
> Samuel Wales <samolog...@gmail.com> writes:
>> [fn:apples: ...]
>> [fn:apples]
> I'm sorry Samuel, but it seems like you haven't read all of my initial
> question, where I stated 'All my footnotes are 4 digits like
> '[fn:0010]'.' I'm not going to change my habits of using numerical
> footnotes that have been in documents for over ten years now to alpha
> footnotes. Sorry, its just not going to happen!
> But I am open to any other suggestions which involve numerical
> footnotes?

Numerical footnotes work the same as alpha AFAICS. So, Samuel's suggestion 
works, but I think you may be asking a question about repeating the *text* of a 
footnote rather than merely referencing it from a different location.  If so, 
there may be a latex solution for you. Perhaps this helps:


and the fixfoot package is what you need.

If not maybe you can elaborate on what the desired latex should be.



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