I have defined a macro that uses an emacs-lisp inline source code. It
works fine in all the usual places, except table cells. A more standard
macro (that does not use a source code block) works fine. I have tried
looking through the source code in the exporter, but cannot quite figure
out why this isn't working.

Would anyone have an idea of how to get the expected behavior? Below is
an example.

<<< begin example org-mode file>>>
* Test: macro fails in table cell
#+MACRO: kw src_emacs-lisp[:exports results :results raw]{(concat "=" (upcase 
"$1") "=")}
#+MACRO: ku =$1=

Try "hello {{{kw(world)}}}," but let's put it in a table [[tab:eg]]

#+NAME: tab:eg
#+CAPTION: Test table with "hello {{{kw(world)}}}"
| Statement  | Object          |
| hello      | {{{kw(world)}}} |
| this macro | {{{ku(works)}}} |

<<< end >>>

Org mode version 9.1.1 (9.1.1-17-g24ea1b-elpaplus)
GNU Emacs 25.3.1

-- Kabriel

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