I have a simple Org file with this content:

* TODO Test agenda clockings
  CLOCK: [2018-04-11 Mi 11:30]--[2018-04-11 Mi 11:45] =>  0:15
  CLOCK: [2018-04-10 Di 11:30]--[2018-04-10 Di 11:45] =>  0:15
  CLOCK: [2018-04-09 Mo 11:30]--[2018-04-09 Mo 11:45] =>  0:15
  CLOCK: [2018-04-08 So 11:30]--[2018-04-08 So 11:45] =>  0:15

Starting the agenda with "C-c a a" the clock entry from today is displayed 

Day-agenda (W15):
Mittwoch   11 April 2018
                        9:00......        ----------------
  test:                11:30-11:45        Clocked:   (0:15) TODO        Test 
agenda clockings

Scrolling through the days with "b" and "f" displays the entries correctly for 
the 4 days.
Now jumping to April 10th with "j" and selecting one of the 4 days displays an 
empty agenda:

Day-agenda (W15):

Now also scrolling through days with "f" and "b" does no more display the clock 
The same is true for weeks view. After jumping with "j" the clocked entries 

I believe this is a bug.

Thank you.
Regards, Rainer

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