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TLDR: Using ox-extras :IGNORE: tags break #+INCLUDE :minlevel. Ideally ox-extras functionality could make it into ox.

I'm using Org Mode to structure my thesis, and one of the Org features that I rely on the most are the #+INCLUDE derivatives.

My setup is such that I have a main thesis.org file with the (simplified) following contents:

#+latexclass: thesis
#+setupfile: thesis.setup
#+exclude_tags: manuscript noexport

* Chapter 1
#+INCLUDE: chap1/chapter1.org :lines "3-"


And I have chapter files where, e.g., the Methods section is formatted differently whether it is included in the main body of the thesis or in a manuscript:
#+latexclass: manuscript
#+setupfile: manuscript.setup
#+exclude_tags: thesis noexport


# For thesis, include methods directly
* Methods :thesis:
#+INCLUDE: methods.org :lines "3-"

# For paper, wrap methods into a specific control sequence and adjust headline levels.
* Methods :ignore:manuscript:

#+LATEX: \matmethods{
#+INCLUDE: methods.org :lines "3-" :minlevel 2
#+LATEX: }

* Insert Methods :ignore:manuscript:
#+LATEX: \showmatmethods{}

I don't know if this is the cleanest setup, but it works well for me because I get to reuse my files. The one issue I have with this setup, is that besides relying on IGNORE tags, I also rely on :minlevel to adjust the headlines. However, because ox-extra promotes all subtrees, it breaks minlevel's functionality.

Would anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Is there any intention of bringing ox-extra functionality into main Org? Something like #+ignore_tags would be a powerful addition for fine grained export control, in my opinion.

Thank you

Daniel P. Gomez

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