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> About the compilation warnings. I only did "make test". have not do
> compilation test. Do you mean compile whole org-mode project or compile
> a single file ob-clojure.el with [M-x byte-compile-file]? I will include
> this step in my future patch workflow.

make test shows compilation warnings. For extra care, you can also run
"make single".

> I don't know how to replace `-map` and `-contains-p` functions. Is there
> any suggestions?

`-map' -> `mapcar'

`-contains-p' -> `member', `memq', `cl-member' or even `seq-contains',
 which is fine for "contrib/".

> BTW, I write some documents on Worg about ob-clojure :ns usage,
> ob-clojure-literate.el and ob-js :session usage etc. But I can't push to
> remote. Here is my steps.

I'm Cc'ing Bastien about it.


Nicolas Goaziou

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