On Monday, 16 Apr 2018 at 14:08, Nicolas Goaziou wrote:


> However, since inline tasks have been around for years, it may be a good
> time to decide once and for all how, and if, they should be included in
> Org proper. 

Hi Nicolas,

I use inlinetasks all the time and for a number of different use
cases.  My initial reaction is that I would not like to see them
disappear!  I do agree that their implementation would appear to be a
little clunky and maybe other solutions or implementations would be

So, you have motivated me to look at alternatives just in case.  I've
started playing with the export settings for drawers for odt and
LaTeX.  It does seem like I can move to using drawers instead of inline
tasks for all of my uses *except* for actual tasks.

It would nice to have some improved navigation and search
facilities for drawers which, knowing org, probably already exist?
Tagging would also be useful but probably difficult and maybe not
reasonable given that drawers have names anyway.  It would also be
useful to be able to narrow a view to the drawer contents.


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