_I_ need help. I am in graduate school, and I keep having issues with my advisor for my strong inclination to use free software. I am obviously not in position to refuse, but she dislikes to have discussions about it. She pays a stipend to me every month, and my tuition is waved.

Is anyone here aware of a place where they do computational human biomechanics, mechanics, materials or finite elements where I could interact with free software? (having github, LaTeX, Python, etc.; avoid Micro$oft products, Matlab, Mathematica, etc.). Is there no place where one can simply use free software on a daily basis?

It seems from her comments that I am, otherwise, a good researcher. She is a nice person, but I fear that this may become an issue in the future for me (whether with her or other people).

As a student or junior faculty, how do you go about this? Do you just nod and wave your freedom good bye?

Thank you! (I will post this in other fora as well; don't let that to discourage you from answering, please).


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