I routinely use time ranges (and occasionally time-stamp ranges) in my
org files to document the scheduled block of time for a meeting or
activity.  As an example, I will mark meetings as:

* A Meeting
  <2009-03-12 Thu 10:00-11:00>

As often happens with meetings, rescheduling needs to be done and I use
S-<up> or S-<down> on the time-stamp to make the modifications.  While
this works fine, it usually leads to a duplication when the *time* part
of the time-stamp needs to be changed.

For the same example above, if the time-block has now changed to
11:00-12:00, then I need to do S-<up> on both the "10:00" and the
"11:00" string.  I.e,

* A Meeting
  <2009-03-12 Thu 11:00-11:00>
                   +---------------- After the first S-<up>

* A Meeting
  <2009-03-12 Thu 11:00-12:00>
                         +---------------- After the second S-<up>

Can we have a feature (with a toggle option perhaps) which would *move*
the block (i.e., both time entries) by the same amount when either one
is moved in the same direction. I.e., the proposal is to have:

* A Meeting
  <2009-03-12 Thu 11:00-12:00>
                   ^     ^
                   |     |
                   |     +---------- Automatically shifted forward by 1 hour
                   +---------------- After the S-<up>


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