>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Barton <li...@manor-farm.org> writes:

    >> I currently export my schedule to google calendar with org's
    >> icalendar export. But I have to manually upload the ics file, so


    Ian> If you have access to a server that supports WebDav you can
    Ian> create a Google Calendar that reads your org ics file directly.

    Ian> I publish my todo items to a web server, where I can browse
    Ian> them on my phone. It's also possible to copy the html fine to
    Ian> my phone's memory, where I could browse it without Internet
    Ian> access. The only downside is that it's read only, but that's
    Ian> not a problem for me.

I also export the agenda as an ics file and then pre-process using Ruby
to make some changes on the ics file (mainly to remove some of the TODO
entries that I normally do not need on my Blackberry). There is a good
Ruby module for handling the iCalendar format

I then use a automator workflow to load the processed ics file into iCal
(I am using OS X) and sync normally to iCal using the synchronization
program that came with the Blackberry (PocketMac Sync Manager).

As a bonus, I get to sync the iCal entries automatically with Google
calendar as well.

I.e, the flow is:

+--------+ ics  +-------------+ ics   +--------------+
| Org    +------> Ruby        +-------> Automator    |
+--------+      +-------------+       +-------+------+
                                              | load
                +-------------+ sync  +-------v------+
                | PDA /Google <-------+    iCal      |
                +-------------+       +--------------+

This works pretty well - though the problem is that it is a one-way
street: from org files to the BB - and round trip changes are not yet

Also, this is a OS X oriented solution, but the automation can probably
be done on other platforms as well using equivalent scripting.



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